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Goal! Goal! Goooaal!

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Seething unrest in the stadium. The nation's favourite player has just reduced the goal difference to one with a magnificent header. All of a sudden, the outcome of the final is wide open again. The fans can feel the tention of the payers on both sides. In these last three minutes of the game it is all or nothing.....

While the red team still has a setback, the black team cannot anticipate the impact. Patrick and Axel run to the center circle. A short view contact between both, then releases the arbitrator the ball. Patrick pushes the ball to Axel, which over there-fits him Jonas to the right immediately. The leichtfüssige Mittelstürmer umkurvt two its opponent as if they would be Slalomstangen and prescht with the ball forward. But it submitted itself too far forward there the ball somewhat. Were the 87 hard minutes to it already into the bone or it estimated themselves simple too much? Paul, the opposing link defender, is faster a step at the ball and storms thereby immediately again into the opposite direction. It throws a short view to the right - there max straight runs itself freely. A precise passport and max snatch themselves the ball. It runs over the center line and is faced with suddenly two opponents. With a high flank it sends Peter on the left side forward. This stops the ball skillfully with the chest and runs far direction gate. But it already hears the fast steps there of Erik behind itself. A view to the center shows it that still none could follow its Sprint its fellow player. While the opposing Libero gets ready to itself to separate Peter from the ball to this strikes a hook and leaves its opponent in emptiness the grätschen. Meanwhile Alex on the right side approaches the Sechzehner. Peter lifts the ball sensitively over Luca, which was in the process straight attacking it. Benni lets the ball drip off skillfully and carries it easily to being waiting toward Alex. This sees itself suddenly by two opposing defenders surrounded and can the ball in highest emergency only into the center pin. There as from that nothing Miro emerges, which had rangepirscht itself over the left side. But the ball of Alex was everything but precisely and threatens in Schulterhöhe behind Miro to fly past. Miro recognizes in the fraction of one second that he has only two possibilities in this position: either it cuts back the ball back direction center line and loses thereby valuable seconds for the attack or ................ - however no, he is not Klaus Fischer and these training units he always hated. But it does not have choice, it must simply everything on a map set. A very fast, half turn to the right. It fixes the ball with its eyes, as if it wants to direct it alone with its view to the foot. Again a short view over the shoulder to the gate. Now it applies. Its right leg snaps upward, while its torso leans far to the rear. Exactly in the correct moment it pulls the ball with its right stretches over its head. He hardly notices the rough landing. It unreels itself immediately to the side and looks as gebannt to the gate. He sees the goal keeper of the red ones into the left, upper corner hechten. It makes itself long and longer. Its fingertips touchieren the ball still, but it cannot hold it any longer. Boundless rejoicing breaks loose, the Abpfiff of the impartial one over-sounded.

In a few days we will see similar scenes, since the World Cup will be played in Germany also. The football variant of the classic game of Ligretto requires speed and peripheral vision, similar to the skills of a typical football player. It is a fast game and involves all players at all times. Does the next card help or hinder the opposing team? One thing for sure: Fussballligretto never becomes boring.