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Niagara-Flussgeister description.

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Canada is beautiful


Canada is a beautiful country, with extensive landscapes and vivid colours. The moose and elk graze in the meadow, the beavers live by the forest, and buffalos too - a beautiful country! Oh, and there are waterfalls there too.

The river, which leads to the large waterfall, lies between the United States of America and Canada. In fact we are not really thinking about Canada, since it is essentially down, behind the Wasserfall. We are actually in the USA, and as you know, we are at the Niagara. The Spiel des Jahres 2005 expansion has now been incorporated in BSW.

Spirit of the river

Everything appears to be the same as usual. Our bushwackers still wish to search the river high and low, looking for special gems to give to the heart of a lady - or at least the dealer. Turning this way and that, and hoping that the canoe does not drag in the river, always keeping an eye out for popssible rain clouds. And still they secretly work out their plans on how to acquire even more gems.

But as so often happens with expansions, what seems to be small changes can have a large effect. For example a new larger tandem canoe. It can carry two gems and can move faster, if used in conjunction with the new cards or moose. What about the whirlpool being added to the river? The effects of the vortex can slow you down or deflect you back towards the falls. Slowly the whirlpool makes its way downstream to the falls, only to re-emerge again at the start of the flow. The new 1-2-3 card can also have it's uses to provide a surprise element, while the rope can be used to moor your canoe while the torrent rages on!

We must not forget to respect the old river spirit as well. The addition of the beaver who swims when the river swells with the weather and whose end in the falls resets the rate iof the river back to its normal flow. The strong moose can also be used to give your canoe and extra boost, however, it requires you to risk moving to the very edge of the abyss and seek it's help.

Many new things

The “Flussgeister” or Spirit of Niagara is an expansion to Niagara, and contains several new game elements to make the game less predictable. 2 additional cards (the 7 and the 1-2-3) give you more flexibility in contolling your canoe(s). A unbetretbares (however passable) vortex field does not make already before that for really dear river still one ticks savages, but the two river spirit is probably deliberate the players. And which concerns the large boats: I want to request nobody to thieves. Go would however already do it.

With the extension still a little more happens on the playing field, more Action everywhere, and one may annoy the fellow players still a little more. Also the play a crucial becomes ticks more quickly and faster. Who likes Niagara, which becomes the river spirit loves, and which is other one it also times recommended. In particular, if one should be inclined a klitzekleines little one to the damage joy.