Pandemie (Pandemic) - Online Guide

Start of Game

With /join 2-4 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game

Pandemic is a team game. The players are trying as a team of four earth to liberate dangerous diseases. If you have won all players, otherwise lose all together. Each player has a role that gives it a special ability gives the other players do not have.

You can find the English Rules here.

For players who already know the game, there is a Quick Start Guide.

Game Board

  1. Player display (name, role, cards in play)
  2. Outbreak Marker
  3. Infection deck / discard pile (you can look through) and infection rate
  4. Player card discard (you can search through played cards)
  5. Player's Cards
  6. Action Bar
  7. Player's Role Card
  8. Game Announcements
  9. Operating window for the game chat
  10. Background Light (on/off)
  11. Available disease cubes/Research Labs

Starting the Game

At the beginning, each player receives a random role card and with 2/3/4 players each receives 4/3/2 cards.

Depending on which level was selected, 4/5/6 epidemic cards are added for beginner/medium/hard settings. The first three cards have 3 cubes placed, the next thee cards have 2 cubes placed and finally three more cards have 1 cube placed.

Flow of the game

Each player in turn takes the following actions:

  • Execute 4 actions
  • Draw 2 cards
  • Spread Disease

Action Bar


Each player has four actions available during their turn. There are various actions available. Executable actions are shaded in color.

Movement Actions :




This action lets you move your pawn to an adjacent town. All cities connected by a red line are considered as adjacent. This also applies to cities connected by a red line at the edge of the board (eg Sydney and Los Angeles). Each move to an adjacent city costs one action point.

Direct Flight


Here you can fly directly to any city designated by the cards in your hand. You must own the card. The flight costs one action point.

Charter Flight


If you are in the city of one of the cards you are holding, you can fly direct to any city. You must have the card. The flight costs one action point.

Shuttle Flight


If you are in a city with a research lab, you can fly direct from there to any other research lab. This action costs one action point.

Special Functions:

Treat Disease

Seuche behandeln

If you are in a city where there is disease, you may remove 1 disease cube. Each cube removed costs one action point.

If this disease has already developed an antidote, all disease-cube of this city at once removed.

Building a Research Station


If you have the card for the city that you are in, you may use this icon to place. The card is then placed in the discard. If there aren't any Research Stations available in the supply then select one of the Research Stations already in play and transfer it to your location.

Discover a Cure

Gegenmittel entwickeln

To develop an antidote you need five cards of one color be in a city with a research lab. Creating the antidote counts as one action.

If there is a cure developed for a disease and there are no more disease cubes of that color on the board, then this disease is eradicated. This means that no more cubes of that colour can be drawn.

Sharing knowledge

Wissen teilen

With "Share Knowledge" a player may pass a card onto another player. Both players must be in the same city . You also need to be in the same city as the card. This action costs one action point.

Wissen teilen Beispiel

The top icon means give a card, the middle icon means receive a card. Click on your desired icon to take this action. If a choice is available a menu will open with cards to select from.

Alex wants to give Sven his Essen card since Sven has already collected four blue cards collected. Alex and Sven must meet in Essen to make the swap.

If a player after their actions have more than seven cards in their hand, they must discard down to seven cards. If you have an Event Card in your hand you could play this to take your hand to seven.


You can also finish your turn and omit any of the actions if you wish.

Draw cards

Once four actions have been played, each player gets two players card from the deck. If an epidemic card is drawn (see Epidemic). If you end up with more than seven cards in your hand, you must discard down to seven. If you have Event cards in your hand, you can play these instead. A player can play event cards at any time, even if it is not their turn.

Ereigniskarten bestätigen

When drawing a card changes the state of play (drawing of an epidemic or an event card), players have the opportunity to play one of their event cards before the next phase of play.

To play an event card, simply click on the green check mark to accept it. If you do not want to play the card, you must click on the red X.

Spread Disease

Once a player has received his two new cards, he gets to spread the disease. The number of cards drawn are equal to the value shown on the infection rate. For each card drawn a corresponding coloured cube is added to that city.

If there are already three cubes in a city when a forth cube is added, an outbreak occur s spreading the disease to each neighbouring city, in which one additional cube is added to each neighbouring city. Such an outbreak may lead to chain reaction in neighboring cities, if they also have three cubes. If a city has already been infected this round it cannot be reinfected by the same chain reaction.


In this example, if Hong Kong were now be drawn, an Outbreak would occur. A red cube would be placed in Shanghai, Taipei, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Calcutta. Another Outbreak would then take place in Shanghai. This would cadd red cubes to Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and Taipei. (Hong Kong receives no further cube since an outbreak has already taken place there this round). Tokyo and Seoul will also create outbreaks.

Game Roles

There are only five different roles available to the players play. Each of these roles gives a specific capability. The roles are randomly assigned at the start of the game. Roles not selected do not take part in the game.


The Operations Expert can set up Research Stations wherever he wants without having to use the special card. The Building costs him one action point.


The Scientist can develop a cure with only four cards of the same colour rather that the usual five.


The Medic eradicates diseases more efficiently. When he treats disease in a city he will remove all the disease cubes in that city. If there is an antidote for a colour, then the doctor can perform the disease eradication by walking through the town without having to take the cure action. This functionality also applies even if the Medic is moved through towns by the for the dispatcher.


The Researcher has the ability to pass "knowledge" in any city. To pass a card he must be in the same city as another player who he intends to pass cards to , however, the card does not need to be the named city. If the Researcher wishes to receive a card, however, a card name follows the normal rules. The special rules for the researcher only applies if the Researcher is providing the knowledge.


The Dispatcher can use his action points to perform Movement Actions for his teammates pawns. If they select Direct Flight or Charter Flight, they must ensure they have the appropriate card.

Dispatcher bewegen

The Dispatcher clicks on the icons as usual to perform the desired movement action, then he selects the pawn that he wants to move.


The dispatcher also has an additional move option: he may move any pawn to another city containing another pawn.


If the Epidemic card is drawn an Epidemic immediately takes effect:

  • The infection increases: After the 1/2/3/4/5/6 Epidemic Card is played the infection rate moves to 2/2/3/3/4/4.
  • The bottom card from the Infection Draw Pile is revealed. Three infection cubes are added to this city and the card is placed in the Infection Discard Pile. If this city has already been infected, then an outbreak occurs. If there are not enough cubes of this colour, then the game ends. Then the pile Infection Discard Pile is shuffled and placed ontop of the Infection Draw Pile, so that the first cities already in play, become more active!

End of the Game

There are four ways to end the game:

  • The players win if they find the antidote to all four diseases.
  • If there are not enough cubes of one colour-> The players lose.
  • On the eighth Outbreak (the outbreak marker reaches the skull) -> The players lose.
  • There are not enough cards in the Player Draw Pile-> The players lose

Game Options


If this option is used, the Dispatcher needs the consent of his teammates to move their pawns. Playing a card also requires approval.


This option sets the number of epidemic cards in the pack. For beginner /normal/hard/legend then 4/5/6/7 epidemic cards are included. If you win you score 1/4/16/64 points, if you lose you get 0.


Basic game without roles and cards provided in the expansion On The Brink.


This activates the "Mutation" challenge . A fifth disease is added. For further explanation see Mutation Challenge.

Game Chat

An additional communication method is provided to make playing Pandemic more effective. You can use icons to make proposalsThis enables making proposals.

Main Communication - (German ONLY)


The main menu is located below the player information boxes. It is initiated by clicking on an icon in the white speech bubble. This will then open a sub-menu. Each icon will open a different sub-menu.

Submenu - Movement

For all sub-menus: to return to the main menu, click on the green arrow. Your proposal is posted by clicking on the speaker icon. Your proposal will now show in the top right of the output window.


If you want to propose a specific pawn to move to a specific city, check the box below the corresponding pawn left then check the box under the white arrow. Just click on the desired location.

To make a proposal to the dispatcher to bring 2 pawns together, check the box of the target pawn on the right (instead of the arrow).

Submenu - Treat Disease

Seuche bekämpfen

To make a proposal to tread a disease, highlight the target city and click on the speaker icon.

Submenu - Build a Research Lab


To make a proposal to build a research station, highlight the target city and click on the speaker icon

Submenu - Share Knowledge

Wissen teilen

To suggest a proposal to "share knowledge", first click on the two pawns who will share (left is the giver, right is the receiver). Then choose the colour of the target card by checking the box below. You can also select a specific city by selecting the arrow icon.