All commands are usable in two different ways: /mod_xx or /mod-xx

Global Commands

These commands affect the whole client:

Gives the possible ClientMod-commands along with explainations.
Lists the version of the ClientMod.
Reloads the ClientMod.prop file. So you don't have to restart the client after you have made changes to it's configurations.
/mod_import FileName
Imports settings from an additional file.
/mod_set Parameter Value
Puts the given Value on the Parameter. Thus settings can settings be changed with the client running. Attention: there must be a blank space between Parameter and Value, no "=" sign like in the ClientMod.prop.
(e.g.: /mod_set colorkey_Name "name", #ff0000, #000000)
/mod_unset Parameter
Puts an empty value on the Parameter.
/mod_reset Parameter
Removes the configuration of the Parameter from the ClientMod.prop
/mod_show Parameter
Shows the current configuration of the Parameter.
/mod_save FileName
Stores current configuration in "FileName". Existing data can't be overwritten.

Local Commands

The commands are only working in the window you apply them in:

Gets information about the actual window.
/mod_scroll on/off/switch
De/Activates the scrolling in the actual window.
Deactivates the scrolling in the actual window.

Debug Commands

Shows the current configuration.
Shows the memory allocations.
Tries to free more memory.