The 'Kick' Command

The command /kick NAME was originally introduced to remove "inactive" Puppets. Unfortunately, more and more users took advantage of the command in an abusive manner. Since a responsible way of dealing with the command was not enforced and the potential for conflict being created, we were forced to regulate the command.

To remove non-responsive players from a game, it is recommended to use the command /remove NAME!

These are the following rules:

All Users

  • The command can only be used by W/K13 (Graf/Weihbischof) and above.
  • Puppets can still be kicked, however, as a rule this should only be done by the owners of Puppets. You can always relocate a puppet using the command /beam Puppetname Roomnumber
  • You may kick another instance of your own name. Say for example your id NAME@afk is inactive, you can re-login with your NAME and kick NAME@afk (if it is not already stopped by the server).
  • You can allow people to kick you - just put them on your Friends list.
  • The citizens of a city (except ARMfeld) can mutually kick each other. Seniority defines who can kick who. Where a fellow citizen is on your Ignore List you can no longer kick them.

Special Users (Vögte, Schöffen, Landvögte, Schlichter, Mediatoren, Admi)

  • Stadtvögte dürfen innerhalb der eigenen Stadtgrenzen alle User kicken (Ausnahme: Admin, Stadt-Admins, Mediatorengruppe (Mediatorengruppe= Mediatoren, Schlichter, Landvögte, Schöffen) im Dienst).
  • Mitglieder der Mediatorengruppe dürfen alle User kicken (Ausnahme: Stadt-Admins und Admins). Mediatoren und Schlichter stehen dabei über den Landvögten und Schöffen und können diese auch kicken, während ein Landvogt/Schöffe keinen Mediator/Schlichter kicken kann. Mediatoren und Schlichter können sich untereinander auch kicken. Die Rangfolge dabei wird beim Einloggen zufällig gelost.
  • Stadt-Admins können, solange sie sich in einer Stadt außer ARMfeld befindet, jeden (außer Admins) kicken.