FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Level System

How do I get Points or Talers?

You score talers for every game you complete on BSW. The amount you earn depends on the Game and number of players.

How can I Spend my Talers?

You pay talers for the following:

  • The taxes in your town take talers from you. (ARMfeld = 1 taler per day)
  • Developing your garden/yard when you have a house.
  • Yelling (starting from rank W/K16). The amount depends on how many users are on-line.
  • Paying for the game in your house, if you have this activated.

Can I donate talers?

If you live in a city (except ARMfeld) and hold a city office, you can donate money to that city using /donate multi/single ZAHL. If you already have a house, you cannot donate and make yourself below W12. You cannot donate to other users.

What does 'Buddy[W9]' mean next to my login name?

The more Talers you have, the higher your rank in the BSW level system. The capital letter W stands for (W)orker, the capital letter K stands for K(lergy). To become K(lergy) you must have gained 1/3 of its points through Single User Games. The number behind it indicates your rank. Buddy is your rank name.

Do I score points even if I change my name?

If you changed your login name on BSW using the command /name NeuerName and complete a game, you gain points against the name you originally logged in as. If you logged in to BSW, however, with completely different name, then this login name gets the points. This could happen, if you type in your login incorrectly and generate an unregistered account.

Are games scored, if my game partner disappears before the game is finished?

Games, where the victory message has not yet been written to the screen, are not considered as completed. If fellow players disappear before the victory message, then no talers are given and no change in Game Statistics.

Can I see my actual score?

Your actual score is secret, yjere are some programs out on the WEB hich can be used to predict your score based on your statistics. These may be inaccurate becuase of the following:

  • They don't consider expenditures consider
  • The value of the game won depends on the number of players,. This is usually averaged by these programs and does not include the actual values.
  • The talers actually awarded for games may have changed, and programs may not know how many games you have played at the previous value.

I have achieved what I need to move up a rank. Why have I not moved up yet?

The exact conditions that you need to go up a level are secret. If a WEB program says that you have gained a level, and you have not, is because these programs are inaccurate. These WEB programs average scores and do not have all the criteria used by BSW. Sometimes there are other requirements which have not been met, for example if you have scored SU Games with an average of bad/rushed scores. In SU Games you should maintain a reasonable average score for each game.

I have two registered login names. Can I transfer the points from one login name to another?

No, that is not allowed.