FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

How do I activate Javascript and Java in my Browser?

Internet Explorer

In the menu bar (at the top) select "Tools" - > “Internet options”. The Internet Options box will open. Select the “Security” tab and then the “Internet” icon. Now on the Button to “Custom Level”. Scroll down to “Scripting"->"ActiveScripting" select the radio button "Enable". Click on "OK" twice. This should now work.


In the menu bar, select "Tools" then "Options. Make sure the "Enable Java" and "Enable Java Script" boxes are checked. Click "OK' to finish.


From the main menu select "Tools" then "Options". (SHFT+F12 also works). Click on “extended” and then on “contents”.Make sure the "Enable Java" and "Enable Java Script" boxes are checked. Click "OK' to finish.

Which Java version is best suited for BSW?

There is not a BEST version. Since BSW and Java grow independantly, it may occur that a new Java version conflicts with BSW programming. However, it is important to update your version of Java regularly to close any security gaps.

How do I change the Java version?

You can set your PC to automatically look for the latest version of Java or check at SUN for latest releases. Forcing the use of an earlier version of Java may cause problems. The archived versions of Java can be found atSUN.

See under "Control Panel" "Java" and then look on the tab "Java" "Java Runtime Environment Settings" and "Java Applet Runtime Settings" you can see which versions of Java are on your pc. Except for serious problems is strongly recommended that you use the latest version of Java.

Who can I ask about technical issues?

If problems arise, there are several options open to you:

  • Go to theTutor Channel and ask if anyone knows the solution to the problem.
  • Look in the Technical Problems forum to see if anyone has already posted a solution. You should use the Forum Search function.
  • If the problem is not yet documented, describe it with any error codes and maybe a Screenshot of the error.

Which data is important for checking errors?

If you experience a technical problem, please indicate any of the following:

  • Were you playing via a Browser or via the Client?
  • If a Browser: Which Browser and Version did you use?
  • Which version of Java were you using?
  • Which Operating System did you use?
  • What did you do just before the error occured?
  • Make one Screenshot of the problem.
  • Make an error log

How do I make an error log?


Open the Windows Start menu to Control Panel (Start->Settings->Control Panel). Open the Java settings by double-clicking on Java or Java plug-in . Depending on the Java version you have either on the tab Standard->Show Console or tab Advanced then Java Console Show . Then click on OK or Apply. You may have to close the window. If you now restart BSW, it opens another window: The Java console. In this console, you should now see all reports and errors produced by BSW.


The error log is enabled by using the command /console FILENAME (eg /console Filename.txt). By issuing the command /console , all error messages are now stored in the specified file stated (eg Filename.txt). If not otherwise specified the file can be found in ( c:\MyDocuments\Filename.txt) or located in the folder list of your username.

How can I simulate the right mouse button with my Mac?

When playing Ingenious (or EinfachGenial) the right mouse button is used for rotating the tiles. Since there are no function keys programmable for this function, Apple users must use the function [Apple] + [Left Mouse Button] to perform this task.