Click on the icon to activate the "List Tool".

The tool can be closed by clicking on the red X on the top right part of the window. You can get context sensitive help by clicking the blue question mark symbol next to it.

With Tool Configuration you can add or remove tools in the tool bar.


You can organize your various lists using the List Tool (e.g. Watchlist, Friendslist, Antitelllist, etc.)


Certain functions/list tool options are only available at certain levels. Depending upon your rank, these tabs will become available on the tool. You can view the Rank Dependent Commands here.

Lists for Game Players

  • mute: This list mutes any yells from your defined list of players
  • watch: This list lets you know when any of your defined list of players enters or leaves BSW.
  • antiping: This list lets you prevent your defined list of players from pinging you.
  • antiwatch: This list lets you prevent your defined list of players from "watching" you.
  • antitell: This list lets you prevent your defined list of players from sending you a "tell".
  • friends: This list lets you select your "friends" useful with the Game Partner Filter
  • bad: This list lets you omit those players in "bad", useful with the Game Partner Filter

Other Lists

  • The Favourites List gives you the ability to select certain preferences in the Game Manager or in the Game Partner Filter
  • The Channel Favlist klets you set your preferences/ordering in the Channel Window by placing those entered in the top of the window for faster selection.

Modifying Lists

To modify one of your lists, select your desired tab. To add another players name to that list, type the in the white box located in the lower left of the window. You can also add comments in the right field against that entry. Click on the "Add" button to add that name (and comment) to your list. The name must have at least 3 characters and not already in that list. Then use the "change" button.

To remove an existing name from a list, select on that row, then click on the "delete" button. If you wish to change an entry (for example a comment) click on that row, then modify the text. Once done click on the "change" button.

Die Watchlist hat eine zusätzliche Soundfunktion, mit der man den Standardsound ändern kann, der ausgegeben wird, sobald eine Person der Watchlist online kommt. Dazu wählt man beim Anlegen oder Ändern eines Beitrags einfach einen Sound aus der Liste der Töne rechts aus, den man einer bestimmten Person zuordnen will. Mit einem Klick auf den Abspielen-Knopf kann man die Sounds der Liste probeweise anhören.

You can enter your own sounds into the list by copying a wav File into the clientPics\sounds folder. After your next restart, these will appear in your list and can be assigned to players.

Once you have finished making all your changes click on the "save" button.