You can configure the Client Toolbar with some really useful features.

WerkzeugleisteTo configure the toolbar, right click on your mouse on the grey toolbar border and then select “Configure...”. The “Icons” and “Icons & text” options toggle the display between icons and text or just icons.

Toolbar Configuration

KonfigurationThe configuration window is divided into three areas. On the left are your currently selected tools, on the right are all the tools options available to you and in the center are the add/remove buttons.

Adding Tools: Navigate and select your desired tool, then click on the blue arrow symbol to move the tool to the active list.

Organizing: You can change the position of the tools on the toolbar by manipulating via the green arrows.

Removing Tools: To remove a tool from the toolbar, select the tool then click the red 'X'.

As a registered player you can make changes to the toolbar and the use the command /save to save your changes. If you you have just registered, you need to make your configurations after you have just completed a game and then log back in.

Save Toolbox positions

To save, any tool window must have been opened at the start and configurations made as described above. You must open all the windows you want to see open on startup and put them in position. Then close the configuration window with a click on OK and save this configuration with /save in the main chat window.

What tools are available?

Image Tool Function
Zurück Arrow Back arrow to exit a room or go to either the 'Game Lobby' (Most Recent Games) or 'Game Archive'.
Trennbalken - Insert a separator in the toolbar.
Puppets Puppets Puppet tools
Weltkarte WorldMap The World Map of BSW
Hilfe Help Short help for beginners
Flux Flux The game Flux
SoloWürfeln SoloDice The game Solo Dice
Sudoku Sudoku The game Sudoku
BlackBox BlackBox The game Blackbox
SU-Info SU-Info Statistics of SU Games where you are.
Quick Quick QuickChat, a tool for common or standard (German) sentences
Yell Yell Yell settings
Kanäle Channels Listing of the existing Channels and their participants
Anwesend Room Shows players currently in your room
Info Info Information about players
Darstellung Display Display Settings
Spielpartner GamePartner Game Partner Menu
News News View BSW News (in German!)
Spiel Game Start/Join/Configure game options
Menü Menu Adds your Prop File menu to the toolbar
Listen Listen List Manager
Tutoren Tutor Tutor Tool - Help Newbies
Termin Calendar Overview of leagues and tournaments
Lobby Manager Game Lobby
Termin Treff Gathering tool