The World Map of BSW


Click on this icon to open the BSW World Map.

The tool can be closed by clicking on the red X on the top right part of the window. You can get context sensitive help by clicking the blue question mark symbol next to it.

With Tool Configuration you can add or remove tools in the tool bar.



All the towns and cities from BSW are represented on the Map of the World

You can see better details on the map by using the zoom controls. You can also use the slider to increase/decrease the number of cities shown. The more inhabitant/players in ta town/city the larger it is on he map. To see small towns, move the slider to the right.

Hansestädte werden durch ein Quadrat und Nicht-Hansestädte durch einen Kreis symbolisiert. Städte, die mindestens ein Gildenhaus beherbergen, werden durch eine Krone dargestellt.

The size of these symbols depends on the number games in the town. The symbols become brighter, the more games being played there. If you hovver over a city an info box will open showing the city name and its Room number. The number of available games (the current games are shown in parenthises) as well as existing Guildhouses.

In der rechten oberen Ecke wird das aktuelle BrettspielWelt-Datum angezeigt. Näheres dazu findet man auf der Rohstoffseite.