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Playing on BSW

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Technical Questions


Forum and Wiki

  • Who can Administer a Forum?
  • Where do I find Help in how to use the forums?
  • Where do I find Help on using the Wiki?
  • How exactly do you define "advertising"? Isn't every link, every posting containing a name already advertising? And how can something non-commercial be considered advertising?
  • Why can't I post information concerning a good cause?
  • What about forums for Cities and Guilds? Do these rules apply there as well?
  • What about the policy "not mention names"? Doesn't it sound contradictory to forbid it in the fairness forum and on the other hand allow cities to post their 'Black Lists'?
  • The rules clearly state that "X" is forbidden, but I am allowed to do "Y"?
  • If we can not rely on the "letter of the law", how do I know what I can and cannot do? And does the last sentence pose a logical problem when it is applied to itself?
  • Are all these rules really necessary? Does the law enforce them?
  • What about my right to freedom of expression? Is this not censorship?

Meta Game

Level System


Browser Client

  • Why does nothing happened, when I click the 'Play' button on the main BSW Web page.
  • I start up BSW, however, everything remains Gray what do I do?
  • If I play too long, my computer starts to "lag badly" (graphics do not work) and I need to restart?
  • My browser forgets who I am.
  • Can I change the size of the Browser Window?
  • I have selected full screen, however I lack a part of the game play area and/or the command input area.