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City information

Taxation of LosVelozes

Occupation Percentage15.5%

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FRI, 14.01.2011, 22:057Versorgung Summe/Tag: (0,0,0,0,109,37,7,0)
THU, 13.01.2011, 22:057Versorgung Summe/Tag: (0,0,0,0,108,37,7,0)
FRI, 25.03.2011, 20:017Versorgung Summe/Tag: (0,0,0,0,102,36,7,0)
FRI, 11.03.2011, 22:047Versorgung Summe/Tag: (0,0,0,0,103,36,6,0)
SAT, 12.03.2011, 22:007Versorgung Summe/Tag: (0,0,0,0,103,37,7,0)
THU, 10.03.2011, 22:047Versorgung Summe/Tag: (0,0,0,0,103,37,7,0)
MON, 14.03.2011, 22:097Versorgung Summe/Tag: (0,0,0,0,103,37,7,0)
SUN, 13.03.2011, 22:007Versorgung Summe/Tag: (0,0,0,0,103,37,7,0)
TUE, 15.03.2011, 22:047Versorgung Summe/Tag: (0,0,0,0,103,37,7,0)
SAT, 05.03.2011, 22:007Versorgung Summe/Tag: (0,0,0,0,104,36,7,0)
SUN, 06.03.2011, 22:017Versorgung Summe/Tag: (0,0,0,0,104,36,7,0)
WED, 09.03.2011, 00:017Versorgung Summe/Tag: (0,0,0,0,104,37,7,0)

Different codes correspond to the following information:

Code Content
1 Game taxes: record number (corresponding to the age of the city in days), active games, inactive games, monthly taxation of clothes and tools for games. Game taxes: running number (corresponding to the age of the city in days), Aktiv = number of active games, Inaktiv = number of inactive games, Selbst = number of games for which citizens are paying the taxes themselves => Tuecher: monthly taxation of clothes, Werkzeug: monthly taxation of tools.
2 Citizen taxes: Anz = number of citizens / number of homeless citizens, Baustellen = number of construction sites => Tuecher: monthly taxation of clothes, Nahrung: monthly taxation of food.
3 Tax rebates for paying tax from marketplace in whole (wood, stone, ore, wool and food)
4 Taxation paid from warehouses, no bonus
5 Game room closed due to resource deficiency, or further closure due to taler deficiency
6 Resources bought at the stock exchange later because of resource deficiency (wood, stone, ore, wool, food, cloth, tool)
7 Taxation of the day (wood, stone, ore, wool, food, cloth, tool, taler)