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Dominion - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2-4 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game

Each player is the monarch of a kingdom in the middle-ages, represented by a set of cards which the player collects during the game. It starts out a small sad collection of Estates and Coppers, but you hope that by the end of the game it will be brimming with Gold, Provinces, and the inhabitants and structures of your castle and kingdom. The player with the most victory points in his Deck at game end wins.

These rules give a brief outline of the game. The full rules can be found here.

Game Board

  1. Kingdom cards
  2. Cards played by the active player
  3. Cards in hand
  4. Status Indicator
  5. Player Dashboard
  6. Phase announcement/Phase change
  7. Automatically play Gold on/off
  8. Automatically enlarge card pictures in Buy phase on/off

Under the playername is the amount of cards in hand displayed, along with the drawing- and discardpile. If you hover the mouse over a player at the end of the game, the total number of cards of that player is shown.

Geld automatisch

By default, all the money in your hand cards will be used in the purchase phase.

Geld nicht automatisch

This option disables the auto-pay option during the purchase phase.

Geld auswählen

If you have disabled the automatic purchase function, you will then be required to click from what you do not want to buy. This selection is then confirmed by clicking on the green check on the right.

Kartenauslage offen

By default, during the buy phase the available cards expand to show more details of the graphics.

Kartenauslage geschlossen

By clicking on the green arrows, you change the button and lock the display so that the card pictures no longer open automatically in the Buy phase.


In the basic game, there are three types of cards in the game:

  1. Action Cards
  2. Money Cards
  3. Point Cards

The cards work as follows

  1. Name
  2. Cost
  3. Card type
  4. Mouse-Over to explain the functionality.
  • Action cards allow the player to use them to improve his card set.
  • Money cards are required to buy other cards.
  • Point cards are the only cards which provides points towards the victory.
  • The curse is distributed as an action card by the witch. It counts as -1 victory points.

Starting The Game

The following cards are in game:

  • 60 copper
  • 40 silver
  • 30 gold
  • Each 12 estates, duchies and provinces. (only 8 each in 2-player game)
  • 10/20/30 curses for 2/3/4 players.

There are ten of each of the ten action cards in play. An exception is the Garden, of which there are twelve (eight in a 2 player games) and score Victory Points at the end of the game.

At the start of the game each player gets a set of cards comprising of:

  • 3 estates
  • 7 copper

These are shuffled and the first 5 cards are taken in hand

Flow of the game

The game is played in turns. The turn of a player is divided in 3 phases:

  1. Phase 1: Action – The player can play action cards.
  2. Phase 2: Buying - The player can buy cards.
  3. Phase 3: Cleaning up – All cards of the active player, which have or have not been played, are discarded and 5 cards are drawn for the next round.

The first two phases can be executed by the player, the third is obligatory and is executed automatically.

The players deck expands through purchase and acquisition of cards. Played cards will be discarded to the discard pile. The pile will be shuffled as soon the deck is empty to form the new deck. The only time cards are permalently removed from the deck is when a player trashes a card. Trashed cards are not returned to the Supply and are not available for purchase.

Phase 1: Playing Action Cards

The player may play one action card. This number can be increased to by playing cards with the instruction +x actions (e.g. Village and Cellar). If he plays an action card, he places it open in front of him. All instructions on the card have to be executed if possible. Basic instructions like more actions or draw cards are executed automatically. The player can also play an action cards if he can’t execute some or all of its actions. If the player doesn’t want to play an action card, he can end the action phase with the arrow on the right.

Phase 2: Purchase

In the purchase phase, the player can buy cards from the draw pile. He can buy all types of card from there (money cards, point cards, kingdom cards and even curse cards). Usually the player can only buy 1 card per turn (1 free purchase). This number can be increased with action cards (see above +1 buy card). The cost of card is displayed in the lower left corner. To buy a card, the player clicks the appropriate pile. If he has enough money, the card is put to his draw pile, so it will be available during the next round shuffling of the draw pile. Remember to consider the money amount both in your hand and on the action cards played earlier. You can end the purchase phase by clicking the arrow on the right.

Anzeige aktiver Spieler

Below the cards is the display of the active player. A gem is shown for each remaining Action, including the active one. A money bag is shown for every possible Buy. Finally, the money in hand, the virtual money, and the resulting sum is displayed.

End of the Game

The game ends in the turn of a player, once one of these conditions is fulfilled:

  • The province pile is empty
  • Any 3 piles from the stock are empty

Now all points in the card sets (hand cards, discard pile and the drawing pile) of the players are added up. The player with most points wins the game. If there’s a tie, the player who needed the fewest moves wins. If there’s still a tie, victory is shared.

Game Options


This lets you choose a predetermined set of cards (see basic cardsets).


This lets you create a random deck with different expansions. Depending on the selected Randomset there are different weights (see random cardsets).


This allows use of Platinum and Colony (from the prosperity expansion).

Card sets

The following basic cardsets are available:

  • set setup - Setup: All players in turn choose a card, until 10 cards are chosen.
  • set lastgame - Last Game: Uses the same cards as in the previous game.

The following random card sets are now available:

  • Original random set: All the cards are randomly selected from the basic set.
  • randomset 4-6 - The Influenced: Four cards cheaper than 4 and six cards costing 4 or more are selected.
  • randomset interactive - Interaction: Random set mainly with interactive cards.
  • randomset highscore - High Cards: Random set mainly with expensive cards.
  • randomset intrige - Intrigue Cards: Cards from the Basic game and Intrigue mixed together with an emphasis on Intrigue.
  • randomset seaside - Seaside Cards: Cards from the Basic game and Seaside mixed together with an emphasis on Seaside.
  • randomset seasidehigh - All Seaside Expansions: five new cards from the Seaside expansion and five cards from the Basic game.
  • randomset seaintrige - Everything but alchemy: a Randomset of all, excluding alchemy cards.
  • randomset alchemy - Alchemy-random: Cards from the Basic game and Alchemy mixed together with an emphasis on Alchemy.
  • randomset alchemyhigh - All Alchemy Expansionsfive new cards from the Alchemy expansion: Potions + Action Cards, alongside six random cards from the base set.
  • randomset prosperity - Blütezeit-Zufall: Die Karten des Basissets und der Blütezeit-Erweiterung gemischt mit Gewichtung auf den Blütezeitkarten.
  • randomset prosperityhigh - Alle Blütezeit-Erweiterungskarten: Die fünf neuen Karten der Blütezeit-Erweiterung, aufgefüllt mit fünf zufälligen Karten aus dem Basisset.
  • randomset cornucopia - Reiche Ernte-Zufall: Die Karten des Basissets und der Reiche Ernte-Erweiterung gemischt mit Gewichtung auf den Reiche Ernte-Karten.
  • randomset cornucopiahigh - Alle Reiche Ernte-Erweiterungskarten: Die vier neuen Karten der Reiche Ernte-Erweiterung, aufgefüllt mit sechs zufälligen Karten aus dem Basisset.
  • randomset hinterland - Hinterland-Zufall: Die Karten des Basissets und der Hinterland-Erweiterung gemischt mit Gewichtung auf den Hinterlandkarten.
  • randomset hinterlandhigh - Alle Hinterland-Erweiterungskarten: Die fünf neuen Karten der Hinterland-Erweiterung, aufgefüllt mit fünf zufälligen Karten aus dem Basisset.
  • randomset seaintrige - Die Karten des Basissets gemischt mit Karten aus den Erweiterungen Intrige und Seaside.
  • randomset seaintalch - Die Karten des Basissets gemischt mit Karten aus den Erweiterungen Intrige, Seaside und Alchemie.
  • randomset all - All cards are chosen randomly from all cards available, including those from the basic game as well as those from any expansion.


In the Appendix the action cards are detailed. If moving the mouse over the card during the game does not provide enough information, you can refer to the information in the Appendix.