Imperial Online Game

Big Time Investments in Imperialist Europe

Game description

Publisher PD-Verlag
Designer Walther "Mac" Gerdts.
Number of players 2-6
Gamelength 45-90 Minutes (online)
Category Strategy game
Age 12+
Price ca. 38 EUR
Awards Deutscher Spiele Preis Platz 7, Empfehlungsliste Spiel des Jahres,2006 Jogo do Ano (Spiel des Jahres, Portugal) Gewinner.

Europe at the beginning 20th Century, 6 European super-powers struggle to control power and dominate during the age of the imperialism. These super-powers, however, are only puppets in a pmuch larger game, since their fate is sealed by the international investors. Each player takes the role of one of these investors, and by use of credits, they can control great power, however, this control can easily slip, so that new strategies must be thought out again and again.

Imperial is a game with a lot of depth with a simple game mechanic. It is easy to get into the game once you understand the separation of the player (investor) versus the super powers. The ability to “indirectly” control the game as an investor via strategic finesses makes the game fascinating to both beginners and veterans alike.

Imperial ist das erste Spiel des PD-Verlags in der Brettspielwelt und zugleich das erste "große" Konfliktspiel in der Brettspielwelt.

For imperial connoisseurs, who wish to only understand how to use the BSW graphics, can review the following Online Guide.

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