Halali (Tally Ho!) Online Game

The big hunt - for two

Game description

Halali (Tally Ho!)
Publisher Kosmos
Designer Rudi Hoffmann
Number of players 2
Gamelength 10 Minutes
Category Jolly hunting game
Age 6+
Price Ca. 11 Euro
Awards None

Halali is a fun 2 player game. Each player takes a team, blue for the animals and yellow for the humans. The game is played by turning over tiles and finding out where your game pieces start from. It is designed as an evenly balanced game.

The board is an 7 x of 7 latice, covered by game tiles. To start, these are all turned over. On your turn,you can either turn over or move an already turned tile. You are however never allowed to move your opponents pieces. In the forest, apart from the hunters and bears are lumberjacks, foxs, birds and of course, trees. The hunter can shoot all animals. The lumberjack (from the human team) fells trees. The bear eats any human. The fox, the friend of the bear eats birds. The green (neutral) tiles can be moved by either player (except for the trees). Foxes and hunters can move like the rook/castle in a chess game. The bears and lumberjacks move likewise, but are slower and can only move 1 space. The game ends five moves, after the last tile is turned over .

Luck plays a large part in the game. None-the-less, there is some tactical play. Halali is best played by taking turns as either humans or animals and is a family game.

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