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Play Um Krone und Kragen (To Court the King) online

Is 12 dice enough?

Game description

Um Krone und Kragen (To Court the King)
Publisher Amigo
Designer Tom Lehmann
Number of players 2-5
Gamelength 10-40 Minutes
Category Dice Game
Age 10+
Price Ca. 13 Euro
Awards ---

So you want to make a career as the Court Jester? You must impress the King, his advisors and his court. His power is demonstrated in the rolls of the dice. Each turn your dice rolls will help you to acquire the aide of many of the King's advisors, which will give you more dice and special abilities (modifiers). If you get 7 of a kind saon your first throw, you can acquire the favour of the King! And maybe the end of the game.

It can all go well or it can go badly. This game gives the players abilities to modify and improve their position with the skillful selection of the best characters. This way the game still has a measure of luck but also a measure of strategy.

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