Kingsburg Online Game

Beware of the Goblins

Game description

Publisher Truant
Designer Andrea Chiarvesio/Luca Iennaco
Number of players 2-5
Gamelength ca. 30 min
Category Dice Game
Age 10+
Price Ca. 30 Euro
Awards Finalist in the International Gamers Award 2008

King Tritus has entrusted hiss governors the newly conquered provinces bordering his kingdom. Players now have the duty to develop these provinces with the help of royal advisers and to protect against invading enemies. You need a lucky hand and a little luck at the dice to influence the best adviser at the right time. Since each advisor has a different skill, you will need to decide who is more useful depending on the situation.

You collect resources to build buildings, to protect or the develop your provinces, sending scouts to spy on the approaching enemy and win the battle in hope to help the King.

Kingsburg is a dice game with tactical elements. Each turn you must decide on how to dice distribute your dice, and also how to spoil your the opponent's plans. Kingsburg is not just a dice game, and therefore is fun for a wide variety players, as well as families.

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