Auf Achse (Convoy) online game

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Game description

Auf Achse (Convoy)
Publisher Schmidt Spiele
Designer Wolfgang Kramer
Number of players 2-6
Gamelength 10-60 Minutes
Category Family game
Age 8+
Price ca. 25 EUR
Awards Spiel des Jahres 1987

If you mention "Auf Achse" will see a lot of younger German adults eyes light up, remembering playing games in the evenings with their family many years ago. Fast trucks can be a fascination as a theme which attracts many gamers, especially children and youth.

This buzz is happening 20 years after this title won "Game of the Year 1987". "Auf Achse/Convoy" is certainly a modern classic. The game will be published in autumn 2007 as a revised edition, and also brought to BSW.

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