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Kardinal & König (Web of Power
Publisher Goldsieber
Designer Michael Schacht
Number of players 3-5
Gamelength 30 Minutes
Category Civilization
Age 10+
Price Ca. 20 Euro
Awards Nominated for "Spiel des Jahres 2000"

Kardinal und König is a fast but strategic game, which has easy rules.

Players build monasteries and place Advisors in 9 countries. During each turn, players may place 1-2 cards (you always have 3 cards in your hand). You must play the correct cards, to enable you to build. Two identical cards may be used as Joker. When placing game pieces, you should consider the following: You can only place into one country each turn. You may only place one monastery in an empty country. You may only have as many Advisors in any country as the highest number of monasteries of any single player in that country. These rules make the game interesting. There are two phases, each ending with a score. Each phase ends once the deck has been depleted. In each country, the player with most monasteries gets one point per monastery in that country. In each country, the player with the 2nd most monasteries gets one point for every monastery the player with the most monasteries has. The 3rd gets the value of the 2nd's monasteries. Advisors are only evaluated after the 2nd phase. They give points only if you have the majority of Advisors in two countries, which possess an alliance. You then score the sum of all the Advisors in both of those countries. Also at the end of the 2nd phase, scores for chains of monasteries 4 or greater.

The play is very fluid. You never have to wait long to play. It is a quick game to learn to play, however, the strategies can be quite complex. You are never sure whether it is better to play a monastery or an Advisor.

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