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Ligretto (Dutch Blitz) Online Game

Fast and furious

Game description

Ligretto (Dutch Blitz)
Publisher Schmidt-Spiele
Designer nicht genannt
Number of players 2-6
Gamelength 15 Minutes
Category Card Game
Age 6+
Price Ca. 7 Euro
Awards None

Ligretto is a game which is all about speed. Thinkers here are clearly disadvantaged.

Players try during several round to play as fast as possible their Ligretto pile. The rules are very easy. Place a yellow 4 on a yellow 3, etc. then the first person to deplete their Ligretto pile, finishes the round.

The best moments in Ligretto are the times, when several players want to place the same card. This can become very annoying, especially if you were too slow yet again! It is also, however, the motivation to stard a new discard pile in order to deplete your Ligretto.

Ligretto on-line is as is in real life: fast and fun… and also the 10er piles must be turned to continue.

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