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Top Race Online Game

Formula 1 Grand Prix

Game description

Top Race
Publisher Pegasus Spiele
Designer Wolfgang Kramer
Number of players 2-6
Gamelength 30-45 Minutes
Category Racing Game
Age 12+
Price ca. 35 Euro
Awards Auswahlliste 1996

At the beginning each player bids to race one or more cars. Players cannot spend more than 200000 euro. Each player can have as many cars as they like, provided the other players permit this. They then play cards in turn which defines the moves allocated to each car. The game ends once all the cars reach the finish line (or run out of gas!)

During the game, you can earn extra money for your racing teamby placing bets on which car might win. It could be someone else's car! May be bet also on strange car. Sometimes so it can be more interesting to leave you own cars “in the dust”.

Top Race is a quick, simple game.

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