11 nimmt! Online Game

The cattle are multiplying

Game description

11 nimmt!
Publisher Amigo
Designer Wolfgang Kramer
Number of players 2-7
Gamelength 30 Minutes
Category Card Game
Age 8+
Price Ca. 7 Euro
Awards None so far

Just like the game 6 Nimmt! it is also a question of can I end up with the fewest cattle points. Each player tries to get rid of their initial ten cards as quickly as possible. If you cannot get withing 10 of the card/cards shown on a discard pile then you must take that pile and end up with more cards! If you pick up a pile of 3 cards or more, however, you can also gain a bull card which will help you get rid of cards faster.

Just like its brother game 6 Nimmt, this version 11 Nimmt is a fluid card game that amakes you want to keep coming back.

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