Meuterer (Mutineer) Online Game

Mutiny on the High Sea

Game description

Publisher Adlung Spiele
Designer Marcel Andre Casasola Merkle
Number of players 3-4
Gamelength 30 Minutes
Category Tactical cardgame
Age 12+
Price Ca. 6 Euro
Awards "Kartenspiel des Jahres" 2002

Meuterer was designed as successor of Verräter by Marcel Andre Casasola Merkle. Again he managed to create an absorbing card game. The look reminds of traitor, although the game itself is is very different. The players are aboard a ship on its way to an island. To gain points, one has to sell products to the islands inhabitants or try mutiny against the captian. The combination of both of these elements make the game interresting.

Meuterer, in contrary to Verräter, does not largely depend on the behaviour of the other players. This makes it easier to plan the next moves.

Mutineer was one game of the german board game championship 2002. Like it's predecessor it became the German card game of the year.

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