Geister (Ghosts) Online Game

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Game description

Geister (Ghosts!)
Publisher 3 Magier Spiele
Designer Alex Randolph
Number of players 2
Gamelength 10 Minutes
Category Game of Bluff
Age 10+
Price Ca. 16 Euro
Awards None

Each player has 4 good ghosts and 4 evil ghosts, but only the player can see which ghost are good or evil (like in Stratego), place at the back of a 6x6 size board. Each turn a player moves one of his ghost one square vertically or horizontally. Moving into an opponents ghost kills the ghost. Object of the game is to get rid of your own evil ghosts, kill your opponents good ghosts, or move one of your good ghost off the board from one of your opponents corner squares.

Geister is a nice occasional game. The attraction lies mainly in the bluffing element of the game.

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