Blockers online spielen

Plan! Block! Win!

Game description

Publisher Amigo Spiele
Designer Kory Heath
Number of players 2-5
Gamelength 20 Minutes
Category Placing Game
Age 8+
Price ca. 18 Euro
Awards Empfehlungsliste SpielDesJahres 2011

Three steps to victory.

Plan: Lay a tile on the game board that matches the letters, to the number or symbol. Plan well, because there is only one of each tile.

Block: Block your opponents: Take small areas and thwart their plans! Lay tiles in clusters to form large areas - avoid small groups.

Win: You create large clusters and have taken few opponents tiles? You win!

How to play Blockers!:

  1. In turn, players place a tile on the board. They try to place their tiles in the fewest groups/areas.
  2. Letters, numbers and symbols on the tiles indicate the zones in which they can be placed.
  3. If a player puts one of his pieces on a square already occupied, he takes the opponent's stone from the board and places it in front of him.
  4. The game ends when a player has no more than four tiles in front of them. The game is scored.
  5. For each group on the board, the player gets one point. He also gets points for the tiles of one color, those in front of him which he has taken the most of. The player who has the fewest points wins.

Video Explanation

Blockers is a simple, fast and tile laying game for 2 to 5 players ages 8 to 100.

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