Helvetia online spielen

Dörfer bauen - Paare trauen.

Game description

Publisher KOSMOS
Designer Matthias Cramer
Number of players 3-4
Gamelength 60 Minutes
Category strategisches Entwicklungsspiel
Age 10+
Price Ca. 22 Euro
Awards None so far

There's a lot happening in your small mountain village in the Swiss Alps.

Lifting, building, selling. But life is not all work.

The village baker longs for a partner and the farmer's son has set its sights on the dashing lumberjack in the neighboring village.

So you can ring the wedding bells and marry the farmer's son to another player's villager - providing you with extra income.

Your baker will surely soon find a man from a neighboring village​​. Children will follow soon after.

Build new houses, expand the culture in your town or make important commodities and sell them at the market. Whatever strategy you choose, this rustic life will certainly not be boring.

The villages grow and prosper!

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