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Game description

Publisher 3M/Schmidt/Klee
Designer Sid Sackson
Number of players 2-6
Gamelength 45 Minutes
Category Classic Trading Game
Age 10+
Price Rarity
Awards German Grand Prix 1993

Bazaar is a jewel of a game from Sid Sackson and is particularly enjoyed by women. It is a 4 player game where jewel combinations are traded, (e.g. 1 white jewel = 2 green = 2 red jewels). On your turn, you can either take a random jewel from tha bag, or exchange jewel(s) according to the rules shown on the exchange table. You can keep collecting/exchanging until you can match one of the combinations of 5 jewels shown on the 4 jewel stalls. The fewer stones you have left over after the exchange, the more points you score. If you have exactly the 5 jewels (and none left over) you will score highly for that exchange.

There are 4 sets of 5 jewels to match (a total of 16 scoring opportunities). If a pile of 4 exchanges has already been finished, the goods on the other 3 exchanges become more valuable. So if all 4 exchanges are available, you make an exchange and have 2 stones remaining, you would score 2 points. If on the other hand, one exchange pile has been completed, and you make an exact exchange, you can gain 12 points! It is sometimes worth making an exchange of stones to reduce your quantity on hand just to get the extra bonus points. Don't however lose sight of what the other players are doing as they may steal that exchange on the stall before you!

Once all the exchange stalls have been made, the game ends. The player with the most points wins.

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