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Game description

Designer Rudi Hoffmann
Number of players 2-4
Gamelength 15 min
Category Dice
Age 8+
Price ~10 Euro
Awards None yet

An utterly simply game mechanic: The piece whose number is rolled is moved to the next empty space.

The players try to maneuver their pieces into the high-value spaces. It takes not only some luck with the die, but also shrewd division of the higher numbers into parts to make multiple moves toward victory.

Each player, though clever moves, should get his pieces onto high-value spaces. At game's end, these values are multiplied by each piece's number.

It is therefore best to move the pieces with the greatest value as much as possible. This is not that easy to do, since splitting the value of the die can move the pieces of less value faster.

A very fast, simple, and refreshing dice game with a definite annoyance factor, but high replay value.

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