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Publisher Schmidt-Spiele
Designer Alan R.Moon, Bruno Faidutti
Number of players 4-8
Gamelength 15 Minutes
Category Adventure Game
Age 8+
Price Ca. 25 Euro
Awards None yet

A description of the game from the publisher Schmidt Spiele: "Pulses race and diamond fever heats up. No wonder: the adventurers dig ever deeper into the diamond-studded cave, trying to bring as many of the gemstones back out as possible. But eerie dangers and overexuberant searchers play their evil tricks in the cave. Now, the object of the game is either to flee or risk everything to amass the largest treasure and win. Diamonds: stone for stone, a risky adventure."

Diamant is a quick, fun game of push-your-luck. Players venture down mine shafts by turning up cards from a deck, sharing the gems they find on the way down. Before the next card is turned up, you have the chance to leave the mine and stash your finds, including any gems you get on the way out.

Why would you leave? Because the deck also contains hazards, scorpions, snakes, poison gaes, explosion and rockfalls. When a duplicate hazard turns up (such as a second scorpion), anyone left in the shaft is killed and loses the gems they got this turn. The trick is, the more players that leave, the bigger your share in the next card will be.

Do you have the nerve to hang on for a big pay-out, or are you fool enough to risk certain death...?

Diamant plays up to 8 people, and is a laugh riot. The decision is very simple, do you stay or do you go? It's a very fast game, so you won't tire of it quickly. Great for non-gamers.

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