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Corn, Tobacco, Coffee

Game description

Puerto Rico
Publisher Heidelberger/Alea
Designer Andreas Seyfarth
Number of players 3-5
Gamelength 40 Minutes
Category Settlement Game
Age 10+
Price ca. 35 Euro
Awards Nominated for "SdJ" 2002, 1st place "Deutscher Spielepreis" 2002

Puerto Rico hit the gaming scene like no other game since "The Settlers of Catan." Ever since the game convention in Essen, in October of 2001, (where it was played in prototype form) not a week has passed without a discussion of Puerto Rico strategy or tactics in one forum or another.

Now, in 2010, eight years after it was release, it is considered a modern classic. We proudly say that in cooperation with Heidelberger Games , Puerto Rico has returned in February 2010 to BSW.

The players settle the New World and choose historical roles with an eye toward shipping to the Old World the greatest possible quantity of goods from their own plantations and production buildings.

Puerto Rico is played in several rounds. In each round, each player chooses a role which allows every player an action, and himself a special privilege. Who can profit the most from the actions of the other players? Which strategy is best? It's a game of almost endless possibilities...

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