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Game description

VerfliXXt! (That's Life)
Publisher Ravensburger
Designer Wolfgang Kramer
Number of players 2-5
Gamelength 15 Minutes
Category Dice Game
Age 8+
Price Ca. 20 Euro
Awards ---

“That's Life, which pawn should I move?” Players move their three pawns over a path of positive and negative scoring tiles. The idea of the game is to take the tiles which will give you the highest score. The luck of the dice makes you have to choose between various options/risks. Do I move a guard pawn? You can move guard pawns off any tile which has any player's pawn on it.

The rules are easy to learn, the game is quick and you can easily annoy your competition. That is what makes this game so fascinating. Happily you remove the guard off the tile of your fellow player, so that he must take for example -8. Careful, though!. If he succeeds in geting a lucky tile, this score will sudenly become +8 points.

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