Emerald Online Game

Watch out! A dragon!

Game description

Publisher Abacus
Designer Rüdiger Dorn
Number of players 3-5
Gamelength 20 Minutes
Category Family game
Age 10+
Price Ca. 15 Euro
Awards None

"Brand new baby dragon! The news spreads like wildfire! And everyone knows what this means: the mother dragon must have acquired a large hoard of gold and gems for the nest of her brood. All knights in the area want a chance at the treasure and race to her mountain. To protect her young, the mother dragon is looking for those who would attack her baby and her new hoard. If she catches a knight, he will spend the rest of his life polishing gold and then finish by feeding the baby dragon. Those knights that can avoid the mother dragon will carry off their share of gold and gems!"

Emerald has some nice, easy rules and with the dragon adding a piece of luck to the game. It was played in the 2003 Deutschen Mannschaftsmeisterschaften. The game pieces also have some very nice details.

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