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A Favour for the King

Game description

Publisher Ystari
Designer William Attia
Number of players 3-5
Gamelength 60-90 Minutes
Category Strategy game
Age 12+
Price 29,90
Awards Deutscher Spielepreis 2006

1289. In order to strengthen the borders of his French of realm, King Philipp the beautiful has decided to build a new keep. ZThe hamlet of Caylus only only a small settlement, but soon workers and master builders arrive in large numbers, attracted by rumours of wealth, which the planned fortification might bring. The surrounding area slowly becomes a large city…

Caylus is an intriguing strategic game for all players, who wish to try many options to gain victory. The players try to maximize their victory points as master builders. It is always a yoss-up between giving and taking, since you needs the assistance of your fellow players, in order to achieve your goals. You non-the-less gladly put a spoke in the other player's wheels!

The King's Favour chart gives you a choice of how to increase your wealth, while the depth of the game gives you so many choices to gather victory points. If this is your first game you may be overwhelmed/excited by the many choices.

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