Atlantis Online Game

Hatte Platon recht?

Game description

Publisher Amigo
Designer Leo Colovini
Number of players 2-4
Gamelength ca. 20-30 min
Category Tactical Escape Game
Age 10+
Price Ca. 15 EUR
Awards None yet

2000 years ago, Plato created the myth of the princely city of Atlantis, which sank into the sea over 11,000 years ago. Even today, the legend of Atlantis is a source of great fascination.

In this fun family game, players try to escape that city by the use skillful card play and building bridges to reach the safety of the shore whilst trying to pick up treasures on the way.

The starting square of Atlantis and the mainland (or goal of the game) are connected by a path of tiles. Players are given movement cards, meeples of one colour and a bridge. The players take turns to play a movement card with a symbol and can move to the next tile on the path with the same symbol.

At the end of their turn, the player takes the first tile on the path behind him and scores it as victory points. Gradually more and more holes are made which are fill with water. The water sections become larger and larger and players must spend their valuable points to traverse these sections.

Once a player has three meeples reach the mainland, the game is over and the final score is made. Whoever scores the most victory points, after taking account of meeples not yet safe, wins the game.

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