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Game description

Publisher From "A Gamut of Games" by Sid Sackson
Designer Arthur & Wald Amberstone
Number of players 2
Gamelength 10 Minutes
Category Bean Game
Age 10+
Price ---
Awards None

Bean duel: No, the players don't throw beans at each other! They try to get as many beans as the can into their large bowl through tactical placement. The winner is the one who gathers the most beans.

The rules are unbelievably simple: Each player has four small and a large bowl. On your turn, you introduce beans into the small bowls. If you place new beans into an empty bowl, then you can steal the beans from your opponents opposite bowl. During the game, you can take beans only if the small bowl, which one would like to empty, has exactly the same number of beans, as the number of small bowls it is away from the large bowl. Both players must therefore always ensure that they don't have too many beans in a certain bowl and can therefore not move those beans. When this happens, your opponent can steal or play the advantage.

This can be a fascinating simple game!

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