Tongiaki Online Game

Departure into the unknown

Game description

Designer Thomas Rauscher
Number of players 2-6
Gamelength 25 Minutes
Category Sailing Travel
Age 10+
Price Ca. 20 Euro
Awards - none yet -

“Into the unknown” is the sub-title of this game from Thomas Rau, an interesting 2-6 player game. 300 AD: The Polynesians embarked on daring sailing trips and explored thousands of Pacific Islands. Driven by overpopulation and a desire for adventure, they set forth into the unknown on simple catamarans called Tongiakis. Each trip was a life-threatening journey, as land was often impossible to reach or the way home was cut off by strong currents. Suspense was their constant companion. Would the next current bring them to their goal or would it bring only the endless and dangerous sea?

Tongiaki is an interesting “who do we sink now” game. There is much to learn about the game and the tactical opportunities are rich. A classic family game!

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