Wikinger (Vikings) Online Game

Die Skandinavier erobern die BrettspielWelt

Game description

Publisher Hans im Glück
Designer Michael Kiesling
Number of players 2-4
Gamelength 30 min
Category Game with an auction mechanism
Age 10+
Price 20 - 25 Euro
Awards 3rd place in Deutscher Spielepreis 2007,Recommended for Game of the Year 2007

Each player is leader of a Viking tribe. You have the goal of creating an undiscovered group of islands and then to colonize thm with your boatsmen.

Gradually you expanded your territory and populate them with your men.

You send goldsmiths, scouts, fishermen and nobles to the newly discovered islands to build the most valuable settlements possible.

However, you must also provide warriors!

There are enemy ships already on the horizon ready to fight and threaten the colonies.

The acquisition of islands pieces and vikings is done via the bidding wheel. Through this, the cost of island tiles and men are determind. This ensures that the availability and cost of items always brings a surprise and makes for a close game.

An interesting game which captivate both families and older players.

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