7 Wonders online spielen

Now you begin to wonder.

Game description

7 Wonders
Publisher REPOS Production
Designer Antoine Bauza
Number of players 2-7 (BSW: 3-5)
Gamelength 30 Minutes
Category Card Game
Age 10+
Price ca. 35 Euro
Awards None so far

Direct the development of the seven largest cities of the ancient world. Use the resources of your lands, support the development, build business relationships and ensure military supremacy.

Based on mythology, three to seven players play simultaniously to develop their kingdom by first gain access to various resources in order to build and utilizing the power of their wonders. What may seem at first a classic game of resource management becomes an interesting nuance due to the correlation of the functions of the buildings.

Leave your mark on the history of civilization by building an architectural marvel, whose significance will last far into the future.

7 Wonders is for 3-7 players aged 8 to 100.

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