Trans America Online Game

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Game description

Trans America
Publisher Winning Moves
Designer Franz-Benno Delonge
Number of players 2-6
Gamelength 15 Minutes
Category Railroad game
Age 8+
Price Ca. 14 Euro
Awards Nominated for "Spiel des Jahres" 2002, 2nd place "Deutscher Spielepreis" 2002

Trans America was first shown by Winning Moves at Spielwarenmesse 2002 in Nuremberg. It is a fast rail laying game. The players must try to connect five cities in North America as fast as possible. They can always make use of tracks already laid by other players. This provides a bluffing element to the game.

Trans America is comprised of some easy and short rules. The game play has a fluid feel to it. There are no long pauses during play. At first sight it would appear to be pretty random ,however, after a few games you will start to see possible strategies.

Trans America was one of four finalists in the BSW, Deutschen Mannschaftsmeisterschaft May 2002, which took place in Herne!

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